CLARINS Skin Spa And Open Spa Treatment

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When a message dropped in to my Whatsapp chat from Clarins Jakarta, I knew that something lovely could be happening. Yes, it's Clarins, guys.
As you guys know, Clarins is a France brand of skin expert since 1954. They create products that can help the desire of women to look more beautieful using plant extracts.

I am still a new customer to Clarins, having only tried a few of their products before. And when they offered me to try their treatment, could you imagine how happy I was??

So I made an appointment to try Skin Spa and Open Spa Treatment in Clarins Pacific Place Jakarta (1st floor) on Aug 12, 2018.

Once I came to Clarins, the therapist, called her Mba Anna, offered me a glass of hot tea and then introduced me to 7 treatments at Skin Spa, consist of body and face treatment.
Here are the details:
Face Treatments: Skin Soother, Whitening Activator, Moisture Quencher, and Radiance Smoother.
Body Treatments: Contour Shaper, Body Firming, and Body Sculptor.

The therapist asked me about skin condition too, both of face and body. After very hectic and tired latest week, so I decided to take Whitening Activator for face treatment at Skin Spa.

As you guys can see, the room is neat and clean. I also could smell aromatherapy fragrance and listen to good instruments around the room. It made me as their client feel so relax and comfortable.
Fyi, most product used at Skin Spa did not sold at the counter, they are special from Paris and limited only.

The thing that I appreciate from Clarins Skin Spa is they combine hand massage and plant extract.  Clarins believe that every movement and touch will make the products works well to the skin, so they train the therapist well.

After laid back at warm bed and enjoyed the massage for 75 mins, I feel so energised!
Furthermore, you can see my healthier and glowing face; my very happy bare-face. I amazed, because I can see the difference in 1x treatment.
Skin Spa Price Range: Rp 875.000 - 990.000 per treatment
Whitening Activator: Rp 990.000

I was interested when the first time Clarins offered me to try their Open Spa treatment. Open Spa, what a unique name for treatment. When i asked them about their concept, they said it dedicated for clients who want to take care of their skin but have limited time. Open spa is a new spa for modern women. In Indonesia, this Open Spa is only available in Clarins Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta.

Open Spa Clarins provides 8 treatments;
Bye Dry Skin (for hydration), Youth Express (for firmer facial features), Detox SOS (for radiance), Eye Must (for smoother, younger-looking eyes), Skin's Fit (for vitality and tone), Say No To Tension (for easing tight muscle), SOS V-Shape (for refined, lifted facial contour), and All About Brightening (for restoring a brighter glow).

You guys curious about the room?

So clean and neat, just same like Skin Spa room.
There's a huge mirror and super comfort & adjustable chair for client enjoy their treatment. Both of the client and people outside room, can see each other. It's so unique, right?

I planned to take All About Brightening, but the Beauty Advisor suggested me to take another treatment, because I already take Whitening Activator in Skin Spa treatment which use special quality and limited Clarins product. So, I decided to take Say No to Tension, a 30 mins treatment full of massage.

Say No to Tension consist of gently massage from head, shoulder and hands with Clarins Products. I could feel the Beauty Advisor do a specific techniques to ensure the used product can be absorped well to the skin. And here's the products: Hand and Naik Treatment (and they gave me 2 sample of these too), Relax Body Treatment Oild, and Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance.
The combination of Clarins products and specific technique of massages made me really energised, relax, and fresh. What  a perfect end to a weekend.
Price: Rp 300.000 per treatment.

Thank you Clarins, for having me try the amazing Skin Spa and Open Spa treatment!
I'll absolutely make appointments to enjoy their spa treatment again. 

See you on my next post! 💖 

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